Thursday, October 17th, 2019

Did You Know . . . ?

Historical facts about the Wyalusing Area compiled by the late Betty Schroth.

1776 - Justus Gaylord opens the first store in Wyalusing (the Borough is now on the grounds of the Gaylord Farm)

1778 - The early settlers of Wyalusing were driven from their homes by the British and Indians.

1800 - The first distillery is opened by Joseph Hines

1801 - The Fourth of July of this year is the first celebration of American Independence.

Feb. 21, 1810 - A Pennsylvania Act of Legislation creates what is now Bradford County from parts of Wyoming and Luzerne Counties.  It is originally named Ontario County but becomes Bradford County in 1811

April 14, 1854 - The Wyalusing Lodge No. 503 I.O.O.F. (Odd Fellows) is instituted

Winter of 1864-65 - Ice and snow from December 20th straight through to mid-March when the thaw creates a devastating spring flood

1867 - The canal era comes to an end when the last canal boat is reported on the North Branch Canal

1888 - In this year, Wyalusing Borough boasted 24 stores and a blacksmith shop along the creek

1889 - The new sewer system is reported to be progressing well and is completed from the Wyalusing Creek to Main Street.

Late 1800’s -  Fleetown was situated a mile beyond the Wyalusing Rocks along the river.  Some of its residents moved to Browntown to work on the Stalford Farm and the Sam Howard Farm

1892 - A large stained glass window was installed in the Baptist Church in memory of the Rev. B.T. Davies by his sons.  Pastor Davies was married to Mrs. Clara Bixby.  The church is now the site of the Wyalusing Borough Hall

August 7, 1914 - The plant for the Wyalusing Electric Light, Heat & Power Company is up for sale.